Evening Menu

Botanas – Starters



Corn tortilla chips served with guacamole and soured cream dips.

Plain and Simple (v) with melted cheese and salsa – £4.95 / £7.95


Mexican Beef chilli with melted cheese – £6.95 / £8.95


Mexican Veggie chilli (v) with melted cheese – £6.95 / £8.95


Blazing Inferno (v) with jalapeño peppers, hot chilli sauce and melted cheese – £6.50 / £8.50


Colossus Nachos – Enough for four to share!!

Beef Chilli or Veggie Chilli (v), jalapeño peppers and melted cheese, served with guacamole,

soured cream, salsa and sweet chilli dips. – £16.95


Chicken Wings – £4.50

Marinated in homemade barbecue sauce, served with crispy spring onions and a fresh salad garnish.


Potato Skins – £6.95

Topped with melted cheese and loaded with the filling of your choice;

Chargrilled Bacon, Beef Chilli or Veggie Chilli(v).


Jalapeño Hot Shots (v) – £6.50

Breadcrumbed and deep fried Jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese, served with a Mexican salsa dip.


Calamari – £6.95

Deep fried strips of breaded calamari, served with a fresh salad and tartare sauce.


Chilli and Honey Rubbed Prawns – £6.95

Tiger prawns sautéed in sweet chilli and honey sauce, served with an avocado puree and fresh salad.


Quesadillas (v) – £4.50

Tortilla parcels filled with cheese, caramelised red onions and pesto, served with a sweet chilli soured cream dip


Deep Fried Brie (v) – £6.95

A wedge of Brie wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried, and served with a cranberry jam.


Balls of Fire (v) – £5.95

Cheddar and mozzarella, a trio of chillies and a mixture of Mexican herbs and spices, rolled in bread crumbs and deep fried.


Rustic Bread platter – £5.95 / £7.95

Freshly baked sun dried tomato bread, roasted garlic cloves, mixed olives, Serrano ham, red onion marmalade, with a olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.


Traditional Platos Fuertes – Traditional Mexican Mains



A sizzling hot skillet loaded with mixed peppers, onions and your choice of filling.

Served with warm tortillas and cheese and a selection of fresh garnishes.

Chicken – £12.95

Rump Steak – £13.95

Mixed Vegetable (v) – £10.45



Three 6” flour tortillas, stuffed with juicy peppers, onions and cheese, topped with our special Enchilada sauce. Served with coriander infused rice and fresh salad.

Chicken – £12.95

Three Cheese and Vegetable (v) – £11.45



A Oven baked 10” tortilla parcel, crammed full your choice of filling, rice and re-fried beans. Served with a fresh salad garnish. Add Curly fries (v) for £2.00

Spicy Chicken – £11.95

Chunky Chilli – £11.95

Vegetable Chilli (v) – £10.45



A 10” tortilla packed with a filling of your choice, served with curly fries and a fresh salad garnish.

Chicken with smoked bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce – £12.95

Pulled Pork with spring onions and Barbecue sauce – £12.95

Halloumi(v) Sauteed with Portobello mushroom, courgette and sweet chilli sauce – £10.95



Our Speciality Chilli with coriander infused rice, garlic bread and a salad garnish, served in a tortilla basket.

Chilli con carne – £11.95

Chunky Chilli – £11.95

Chilli con verduras (v) – £10.45


TLAYUDAS (Che-yoo-das) – £11.95

2 10” tortillas sandwiching Minced Beef or Vegetable Chilli (v) with cheese, jalapeño peppers, coriander and soured cream. Oven roasted and served with a red onion salad.


Contemporary Platos Fuertes – A la carte mains


Belly of Pork – £12.95

served on a butternut squash purée, with crispy potatoes, sauteed spinach, garlic confit and a red wine jus. Accompanied by seasonal vegetables.


Mexican Lamb Shank – £13.95

Slow cooked in a mild chilli and rosemary sauce, Served with creamed potato and a red wine jus. Accompanied by seasonal vegetables.


Lime and Chilli Chicken – £13.95

Butterfly chicken breast, char-grilled, with a tangy lime and fresh chilli cream sauce. Accompanied by new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


Pan Fried Duck Breast – £15.95

Served pink with crispy potatoes, spring onions, caramelised red onions, and a honey scented cream and mushroom sauce. Accompanied by seasonal vegetables.


Prime Fillet Steak – £19.95

Cooked to your liking and Your choice of sauce.

El Diablo – A Devilishly hot tomato, coriander and chilli sauce!

Diane – A Creamy sauce with mushrooms and wholegrain mustard.

Served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


Mexican Mussels – £6.95 / £13.95

Simmered in a deliciously creamy tomato, coriander and white wine sauce, with a hint of chilli. Served with home made bread.


Oven Roasted Monk-fish tail – £13.95

Served in a chilli and dill broth with parma ham and fennel crisps. Accompanied by new potatoes and seasonal vegetables.


Mexican Salad – £6.95 / £11.95

Buffalo mozzarella, chorizo sausage, and oven roasted sweet peppers, tossed in mixed leaves and drizzled with a thyme and orange dressing. Served with or without chorizo.


Homemade Burgers – £11.95

Served in a Brioche bun with Curly Fries and a fresh salad garnish.

Bacon Jacks Burger

Chargrilled ¼ lb. Burger, Topped with bacon, cheddar, caramelised red onion and a sweet chipotle sauce.

Cajun Chicken Burger

Chicken breast coated in Cajun spices, Topped with bacon, mozzarella, and a pesto mayonnaise.


Sides and Dips


Sweet potato chips (v) £2.50

Curly fries (v) £2.00

Garlic Ciabatta (v) £3.00

Garlic Ciabatta with cheese (v) £3.50

Re-fried beans (v) £1.50

Homemade guacamole (v) £0.90

Homemade Barbecue sauce £0.60

Chipotle mayonnaise (v) £0.60

Nacho cheese sauce (v) £0.90

Hot Salsa £0.80


Dessert Menu

Homemade Traditional Mexican Churros (v)  – £5.95                                                                     Long doughnuts, coated in sugar and cinnamon. Made fresh and served hot with a rich chocolate and caramel dipping sauce.


Mango Torte  – £5.95
A taste of real mango with a mango ice cream topped with the creamiest of vanilla ices. With a exotic mango sauce and hand-piped chocolate crest.


Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream (v)  – £5.95
Vanilla Ice cream, coated with cinnamon and coconut, wrapped in filo pastry, deep fried, and served with a rich caramel sauce.


Toffee Topolino  – £5.95                                                                                                                                      A sumptuous toffee ice cream on an Italian meringue base, finished with vanilla ice cream and soft creamy toffee and topped with a rosette of soft meringue.


Hot Chocolate Sponge Pudding (v)  – £4.95
A moist chocolate sponge pudding topped with a rich chocolate sauce …….Simply divine!


Ice Cream (v)  -£4.50
A simple Classic, 3 scoops of Ice-Cream {Strawberry, Vanilla, or Chocolate} Drizzled with a choice of caramel or chocolate sauce.



Hot Drinks

Americano – £1.95

Latte – £2.20

Cappuccino – £2.20

Espresso – 2.00

Double Espresso – £2.50

Tea – £1.50

Flavored Teas – £2.00

Hot Chocolate – £2.50

Liqueur Coffee – £4.95



Please ask your sever about any

dietary requirements

before ordering.